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Emergency Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Melbourne from Building Restoration Services

We facilitate an emergency carpet water damage restoration service in Melbourne at Building Restoration Services, which has seen us, turn into the most sought after company by many homeowners requiring their wet carpets to be restored. We have state of the art water extraction equipment to remove free water from carpet, underlay, tiles and timber floorboards and have effective drying equipment including air movers, dehumidifiers, and heaters to dry all wet contents and building materials.

As part of our initial attendance, we use moisture meters and thermal imaging camera to allow us to follow water trail. From that point, we can strategically and effectively extract all free water and dry all wet contents and building materials. After we dry all affected carpet, underlay and building materials we will clean up and steam clean your carpets.

You can be rest assured that all staff are experienced, certified and qualified in Water Damage Restoration, Timber Floor Drying and Structural Drying.

Best Wet Carpet Water Extraction Services in Melbourne

Whenever your carpets are rendered wet because of flooding, don’t delay to contact Building Restoration Services for emergency wet carpet and timber floors water extraction in Melbourne. Our certified carpet cleaners will respond to your call and come over to your site as quickly as possible. The first thing that we shall do is to conduct moisture mapping and examine your wet carpet and come up with the correct procedure of drying it, after determining the level of saturation.

Given that water damage ends up spreading rapidly and is the main reason of secondary damages such as mould and mildew, water extraction and setup of drying equipment is urgent.

Building Restoration Services considers flooded and water damaged carpets to be an emergency of priority and emergency wet carpet extraction is vital in Melbourne. In typical conditions, those wet carpets and timber floors, soaked by flooded water, end up saturating huge volumes of water implying that such carpets and timber floors require specialized water extraction to expedite the drying procedure and prevent secondary damage. In the event that wet carpets are left to stay moist for more than 48hours you really are running into the risk of mould damage and further secondary damage. For more details, please call us immediately on 1300 726 524.