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Duct Restoration and Heating Duct repairs in Melbourne

No matter what the cause of the damage, there is often an additional problem when your property is hit by flood, fire or other disaster. If your ducts get water damaged, this can lead to disease developing bacteria being spread by the airflow. To protect your family or employees, it is important to remedy the situation as soon as possible. That is where Building Restoration Services can assist.

Make sure your heating ducts aren’t affecting your health

When there is a fire, the ducts can end up full of soot that then circulates throughout your home or office, causing respiratory and other problems. Building Restoration Services can clean or replace the damaged duct upon assessment of the damage and ensure the elimination of associated health risks. Let our experienced team ensure the restoration work brings your home/office back to full health for the benefit of those within.

Quality repairs for jobs both big and small

Regardless of whether it’s a residential or commercial property, a small or large space, we have the experience and the necessary equipment to handle any project. Our heating duct repairs offer a tailored approach for your Melbourne property to ensure a superior level of service.

A complete restoration service

We know the best results require the right method and quality equipment. That is why we use a range of specially designed equipment to ensure your property looks, feels and smells like it used to before the water or fire damage occurred. As well as removing debris and bacteria from the ducts themselves, we can also cater to other areas of your property including repairing carpets or drying wet wooden floors.

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