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Wet Carpet Extraction Melbourne

Best Wet Carpet Extraction Services from Building Restoration Services

Building Restoration Services offer wet carpet extraction in Melbourne and quick carpet drying services. Our wet carpet extraction Melbourne experts are certified from IICRC in emergency wet carpet restorations services. We work on public holidays & weekend. Any day of the year if your washing machine overflow, flooding, leaking roof, burst pipes, toilets blockage & sewage backup on your carpets. Never leave flooded carpets too long and wet carpets may lead to the growth of bacteria, mould and fungi.

24/7 Emergency Wet Carpet Extraction Services in Melbourne

When faced with any case needing wet carpet extraction in Melbourne then we shall come over to attend to your wet carpet damage concerns caused by flood or water damage. Even if it is emergency water or flood damage that has led to wet carpets and require wet carpet extraction in order to dry wet carpets as part of carpet drying, we also repair wet carpets within water damage restoration services.

Our Wet Carpet Extraction Melbourne Process

  • Our expert wet carpet extraction Melbourne Carpet Cleaners will be able to classify the water damage into its befitting category to ensure that building is restored based on approved industrial guidelines. The actual level of flooded water will have an impact on the specific type of restoration procedure to be used. The first category is of clean water. The second is of gray water, and the third category is of black water.
  • When our highly trained wet carpet extraction Melbourne team of technicians gets to your site, they will moisture map and commence the wet carpet extraction process immediately. We shall consider the volume of water, before using powerful submersible pumps or wet dry vacuuming machines. Extraction of most of the flooded water helps in reducing the drying time and also assists in the prevention of any secondary water damages that brings about mould as well as bacterial growth.
  • Building Restoration Services carpet cleaner will dry all the carpets by use of effective wet carpet extraction machines with water claws to amass a lot of water as possible right from the underlay.
  • We will then steam clean your carpet in order for us to get rid of all the dirt that had seeped through flooding.
  • Our certified wet carpet extraction Melbourne cleaners will sanitize and deodorize all the carpets and kill bacteria while neutralizing bad odors.
  • We should additionally dry further in all the carpets and all underlay using industrial air movers, which will be left to run consistently for one to six days depending on the magnitude of damage caused by the flood.
  • We may additionally need to carry out some Building Restoration Services wet carpet extraction cleaners to get back your carpets to their original form.

If you want emergency wet carpet extraction in Melbourne, please call Building Restoration Services immediately on 1300 726 524.