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Our expert mould removal service will expertly recognize and remove existing mould and odour and offer recommendations to prevent further growth of mould. At Building Restoration Services, we are mould removal specialists in Melbourne and our aim is to provide you with honest, sensible and practical advice and help if you have any problem relating to mould. We can conduct property mould and water damage assessments and provide recommendations and written scope of works for mould remediation.We can bring your properties indoor air quality back to normal ecology.

Causes of Mould

Mould is constantly caused by extreme moisture in the indoor or subfloor condition. This extreme moisture is always caused by either moisture interruption (burst pipe, flood, overflow and so forth) as well as an absence of ventilation which does not permit the normal moisture (created by everyday living – from breathing, cooking, showering etc) noticeable all around to escape from the building structure. As the air warms and cools over the span of the day and night, the moisture which is held suspended in the indoor air can drop from the air and frame on the colder surfaces of the property – windows, doors, curtains, ceilings etc. This moisture shows itself as either buildup or visible mould. Likewise, both the reason for the extreme moisture (water intrusion or a lack of ventilation) and the final product of the extreme moisture (mould, condensation formation) should be treated in the meantime if the ultimate objective is to permanently rid the building of mould and buildup.

Professional mould removal Melbourne services are regularly required to guarantee the health and security of both private and business properties. Unreasonable moisture represents a risk to human wellbeing and the structural integrity of the building.

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