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Repairing Melbourne Properties with Structural Drying Solutions

Damage seems to happen at the worst possible time, whether it is from a burst pipe, overflowing sink or busted water appliance such as your washing machine. Ensure you avoid the inconvenience of flood damage and utilise the services of the trusted professionals in the industry. Here at Building Restoration Services, we are dedicated to assisting owners of domestic and commercial properties to prevent extensive and unnecessary long term damage to carpets and building materials.

We understand the havoc water can cause when it comes to interiors, which is why our team utilises an effective process known as structural drying for our Melbourne jobs.

Why is structural drying so important?

Before the innovative process of structural drying was developed, when water damage occurred builders would automatically remove and dispose of wet plaster wall, subfloor and damp carpets in the property. This would
become very expensive because building materials and carpet needed to be replaced and it would also take months for the builders to complete re-instatement, which is extremely frustrating. Hardly an effective or fast process.

The biggest problem encountered was that the builders did not dry the structural timbers inside cavity walls and in the crawl space such as the bottom plates, joists and studs. Inevitably this would lead to further issues down the line such as mould issues, and building materials would need to be removed, disposed and replaced again and the premises would become contaminated and cause health issues to the occupants of the house.

Saving time and money

On every job we conduct moisture testing/mapping. We use state of the art moisture meters, moisture probes thermal cameras for thorough investigation and specialty drying equipment is used. We will reduce the amount of damage to your property’s interior. Not only will the process get your back up and running sooner, which is crucial for commercial properties, it will also save you money as we tailor our services to your needs in order to minimise damage and, therefore, reduce the costs of replacement and repairs.

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