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Water Damage Clean up Melbourne

Best Water Damage CleanUp Services in Melbourne from Building Restoration Services

Our certified water damage cleanup Melbourne team of technicians are trained to mitigate and restore water damaged carpets and timber floors.Excess water is extracted from the affected area, if required the floor covering is pulled back to enable our drying equipment to be placed in position. As part of the water damage, cleanup we will install drying equipment and it will be in place for a minimum of 2 days and could be required for anywhere up to a week, depending on the extent of the water damage. We contact you during this time to arrange a time to attend for the drying to be assessed. Once the drying process is complete, we return to relay your floor covering and treat the affected area for water staining and carpet cleaning.

Melbourne water Damage CleanUp Process

If you have water damaged carpets or floors suffered from a flood, washing machine overload etc. that has wet or even saturated your carpets there is a proper water damage cleanup procedure that should be taking place and that procedure is:

  • A moisture test to see the exact extent of the water ingress. A certified delmhorst or tramex moisture meter and or hydro sensor will accurately pinpoint moisture readings and highlight where the water egress finishes. Just because the carpet does not look wet it doesn’t mean the underlay, sub-flooring, skirtings, timber base plates and plaster linings are not wet.
  • Extraction of standing water with a suction vacuum machine portable or truck mount machine.
  • Install air movers to assist in the evaporation of moisture from wet materials. Sometimes use heaters.
  • Install industrial dehumidifier (or a few) to draw the moisture from the air and reduce humidity levels in affected areas to prevent secondary damage such as mold fungus and mildew.
  • Check the carpet, underlay, sub-floor and other affected building materials with moisture probe and moisture meters every 24 to 48 hours until 100% bone dry.
  • Steam Clean and treat the carpet with antimicrobial to eliminate germs and bacteria.

If this process is not carried out, your floor covering will possibly become a hazard to your health and your hip pocket, as mould and bacteria will form and the rotting process will begin. Our job is to prevent this from occurring, Building Restoration Services takes pride in its work and ensure the job is done properly.

Our Water DamageRestoration CleanUp Staff

At Building Restoration Services, we are a progressive water damage cleanup Melbourne service provider and our staff works to deliver the optimum level of quality in our services. The aim of our company is to make safe and provide superior quality water damage cleaning services accessible to our customers and ensuring that their needs and expectations are fulfilled at all times.

Building Restoration Services supports this commitment by providing ample training and enough developmental opportunities to our staff. We, as a company, constantly keep assessing our water damage cleanupMelbourne processes and services to achieve the first class results. For more details, please call us on 1300 726 524.