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Water Intrusion into Home Melbourne

Building Restoration Services have the Best Solution for Water Intrusion into Home OR Business in Melbourne

Water intrusion into home or business in Melbourne is the main contributor to significant loss and damage to property and homes. You cannot compromise further secondary damage by not addressing the water damage as soon as possible. It might come on very slow, and possibly unnoticed, yet in order to make sure that neither the structure of your home or the health of your family is compromised, it is best to contact our water damage restoration experts.

Water intrusion into home in Melbourne can occur for various reasons. An overflow of water in your home can arise from natural disasters, leaky pipes, and other plumbing problems. In some cases household equipment may malfunction, causing a leak or flood that can go unnoticed. Septic tanks can backup and overflow causing raw sewage to cascade into your home’s crawlspace. Additionally, bathtubs or showers that are ineffectively constructed or require repair can allow water to leak into the cracks of the tile and create mold and other undesirable damages.

The Effects of Water Intrusion into Home in Melbourne

When you start to notice damp furniture, cracked drywall, swelled cornices, swelled skirting boards or even cupped floorboards, there is a high probability that a leak or water intrusion into property or flood has entered the property. The many materials with which homes are constructed absorb moisture and will grow mould if not dryed effectively. Stagnant water in or on these materials can cause various unsafe situations. When you notice a flood or leak or water intrusion into home in Melbourne, contact us as soon as possible. The longer issues go untreated, the more severe the damage.

Also, consider this: given the proper conditions, it just takes mold 48-72 hours to grow. Mould contamination is one of the many issues that can grow from water intrusion into home in Melbourne and is rarely visible. Mould exposure can cause a huge array of health problems, mainly respiratory problems, for example, coughing and difficulty breathing. Beside from the physically harmful effects, mould can also cause your home’s establishment secondary damage such as rotted wood. This compromises the structural integrity of the house making it extremely dangerous to you and your family.

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With regards to water intrusion into home in Melbourne, our specialists at Building Restoration Services can help evaluate the situation and make recommendations.A special process is used by our team from Building Restoration Services. Simply call us on 1300 726 524 for emergency call out.