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Mould Remediation Melbourne

Building Restoration Services provides Mould Assessments and Remediation in Melbourne

We regularly hear nowadays about the effects of mould, however, what exactly is mould!

There are many reasons that homes, workplaces and commercial businesses can find themselves dealing with mould problems. Mould can grow on about any surface as long as dampness is available and they especially flourish in dark, damp and warm spots. As mould can grow on so many surfaces it should come as no surprise that building materials can maintain mould growth and in this manner, mould spores are especially inexhaustible indoors.

In a few cases, mould will be a side-effect of more general water damage which thus can be the result of condensation, a leaking tap, drainage or even a burst pipe. Storms and floods can also cause water to pool in unlikely places which can lead to hidden mould.

At the point when these mould spores exist and increase in substantial amounts they can form visible patches on walls and in different areas and can cause reactions in even the healthiest of individuals. Therefore, mould remediation is required in a timely and efficient manner which will help in preventing any potential indoor health problems.

Our Mould Remediation Procedure

The first step with mould remediation in Melbourne, as with water damage restoration, will always be to stop the source of the dampness that is empowering the spread of the mould. By attending to repairing the plumbing issue we can proceed with assessing and write up of a Mould Remediation Scope of Works.

As part of our Scope, the contaminated rooms will be contained, so as to prevent the spreading of dust and mould spores to unaffected areas. Where the mould has set in under carpets, inside the walls or in insulation, this may include the removal of fittings and fixtures.

We will install drying equipment to remove moisture from building materials and follow mould remediation processes set out in ANSI IICRC S520 Standard and Reference Guide for Mould Remediation.

In all Mould Remediation jobs, Building Restoration Services will guarantee that we undertake strict guidelines from the ANSI  IICRCS520 on procedures of mould remediation.

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When you are unsure about mould and its possible implications, you have to find a company that is highly qualified to assess the mould damage and provide an effective scope of works and quotation for mould remediation.Get in touch with BRS for your mould assessments and mould remediation in Melbourne. Our aim is always to bring your home and business back to normal indoor air ecology.