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Mould Damage Cleanup Melbourne

Why you need mould cleanup in Melbourne? Nothing ruins a party more than discovering an infestation of fungus. Mould in your home or office puts the health of the inhabitants at risk, and can also lead to costly damage to your building. Mould can cause a variety of illnesses including:

  • Fever
  • Asthma
  • Allergic reactions
  • Various Lung Condition
  • And many more

Let the Building Restoration Services’ team come and conduct an inspection and mould cleanup in Melbourne at your property.

Mould Remediation & Mould Damage Cleaning Melbourne

Our mould remediation process involves:

  • Pre-inspection
  • Confirming the source and severity of the growth. If water leakage is still apparent a plumber will need to be appointed.
  • Moisture testing and mapping with state of the art moisture meters, boroscopes and thermal cameras. Plaster walls, skirtings, door jambs ,tiles, structural timbers, subfloors and crawl space etc will all be investigated and tested.
  • We are certified to take air-o-cell and bio-tape samples. These samples will be sent to the Mould Lab for an Analytical Report. This will assist in formulating our scope of works.
  • We will advise the occupants if they can or should not be living in the property.
  • Cleaning all affected areas
  • We will provide a scope of works and quotation for structural drying and mould remediation to bring the property back to normal mould ecology.
  • process
  • Set up containment barriers to prevent cross contamination to unaffected areas of the house.
  • Set up specialty drying equipment to dry all wet areas to normal conditions.
  • Set up hepa air scrubbers to remove airborne pollutants.
  • Remove/dispose of contaminated building materials that cannot be restored.
  • Hepa vacuum and contact clean all affected structural timbers with recommended mould removing chemicals.
  • Hepa vacuum and contact clean all affected walls, ceilings, floors, surfaces and fixtures with recommended anti-microbial products.
  • HVAC cleaning, removal and duct replacement service available if necessary.
  • Post Remediation verification with mould samples taken and analytical report presented or independent building biologist can be appointed to provide clearance certificate prior to re-instalment of building materials.

Effective equipment

Our team utilises a vast array of equipment to complement our mould remediation and mould damage cleaning in Melbourne. This is to ensure we provide the ultimate solution tailored to your property.

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To ensure the best results for every customer, we make it our mission to remain up to date with the latest technique and developments in the industry. We invest in our team through accreditations.

CLICK HERE to view our industry accreditations.

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If you require mould cleanup in Melbourne or remediation services and would like to request a free quote on our services, please give us a call and we’d be happy to assist. For more information on our other services, including timber floor restoration and sub floor ventilation, click on the provided links. You can reach us on 1300 726 524 and our friendly staff will be able to answer any other general enquiries you might have.

Mould damage 2_adj

We remediate mouldy and wet soil and building materials in crawl spaces


Mould damage 3_adj

Containment set up at doorway to prevent mould from contaminated area cross contaminating other areas of the building envelope.



Mould contaminated plaster wall behind a leaking washing machine.

Mould damage 2_adj

Crawl space contamination


Mould damage 3_adj



Mould sampling


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