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Concrete and Timber Flooring Drying in Melbourne Properties

While we can wash our floors without risking damage, too much water can wreak havoc. When your property becomes flooded, leaving your flooring to dry naturally once excess water is removed can be detrimental.


Why drying your wet timber professionally is important

Once of the biggest risks when it comes to a wet timber floor is the possibility of buckling or cupping. Cupping happens when the boards are exposed to a high moisture content underneath, such as wet concrete floor slabs. Buckling leaves owners with a floor that isn’t level and requires the boards to be ripped out and replaced, which can become quite costly.


Experts in wooden floor restoration

As part of our timber floor restoration service in Melbourne, we offer a prompt and effective drying solution that removes moisture from your floorboards as soon as possible. Using specialised equipment such as moisture meters and extraction units, we create a treatment option that is catered to your specific needs to guarantee an effective restoration of your wooden or concrete floor.

Other solutions
Have carpets as well? Just like wet timber floors, damp carpets can lead to a lot of problems further down the line. Often people will replace their coverings without investigating other solutions available. From water damage and mould to help with nasty looking stains, we can offer solutions that can restore them to pristine condition.

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