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We carry the full range of restoration solutions to ensure we provide the ultimate solution specifically tailored to your property including:

Air Movers – moves large amounts of air under and over wet carpets creating evaporation that results in rapid, efficient drying and faster restoration of your home or office

Air Scrubbers – used to clean the air from mould, dust, soot and sewerage particles that accumulate after water damage & fire damage

Containment Systems – used to isolate the damaged area and limit the damage

Dehumidifiers – used to take out all the moisture from the walls and floors and will lower the humidity in the air otherwise known as condensation, creating an environment where mould and mildew can not grow

Truck Mount Extraction Units -powerful piece of drying equipment used to extract large amounts of water quickly and under very strong pressure which gives it the speed to dry your home or office faster

Portable Extraction Units – used to extract water quickly under very strong pressure where truck mounts can not access

Moisture Meters – measure moisture in wood, concrete, drywall, roofing, insulation and flooring. Provides psychometric readings

Odour Control Generators – eliminates all odours

Injector Dry Systems – used to dry beneath wet kitchen cabinets, vanities and other hard to dry spots that water saturates into

Infrared Thermal Cameras – identifies the presence of moisture in buildings and substructures

Hardwood Floor Rescue Mats – attached directly to the damaged wet wood area and work with great speed to restore hardwoods

Water Claw – connects to the truck mount extractor unit to extract water from the carpet and underlay without the need to pull up the carpet.

Hydrox Extreme Extractor – extracts water from carpet and underlay without the need to pull up the carpet

Dry Ice Machine – for eliminaring soot off brickwork, mould removal off timber and graffiti removal

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