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Subfloor Ventilation Solutions

While most of us worry about air quality and circulation throughout the home and office, we tend to forget about what’s going on below the floors. Crawl space ventilation is not something we think about often, only worrying about it if we notice a nasty smell protruding from the area, or start to notice the signs of dampness. However, it is something you carefully need to consider before a serious problem arises.

Here at Building Restoration Services, we are dedicated to reducing the amount of unnecessary damage incurred by homes and commercial spaces. We understand that poor underfloor ventilation can cause serious problems that are quite expensive to repair. How? Well, the moisture in the soiled ground can create condensation and this moisture will spread to the structural timbers/brickwork and subfloor and then can enter inside the home. Without adequate air circulation mould and mildew will begin to grow and we can have big building and indoor air quality issues.

We’ll restore underfloor air circulation

Basic subfloor ventilation consists of vents, which are built into the property during construction. When this solution is inadequate, an assessment of the vents themselves can usually reveal the problem. Whether it is a blockage, the wrong placement or too few in number, we can assist you in ensuring no further damage comes as a result.

In order to remedy the situation, we use specifically designed equipment that is used by experienced and trained staff. Our range of equipment can also be useful in repairing water damage such as structural drying solutions and floor restoration services.

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